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Video clips taken by my parents of my life growing up; prepared and edited by my brother, Thomas, for my 21st birthday. 

I watched the new Pixar movie Inside Out yesterday and enjoyed it immensely! Amazing to visualise what happens in our brains with memory storage - a few memories being core memories, a seemingly never-ending archive of long-term memory, and  many memories (both special and mundane) lost into the abyss.

Amazing process and incredible that it can fit inside our heads all within our brain.Take this immense scene, shrink it down and put it inside your head... it is amazing! And the God who made it is even more so!!!

I am thankful to have these memories that would have likely otherwise been lost into the abyss brought back to me by this video!!!  This I think is an important part of photography and video - bringing back the memories that you may otherwise forget. 

Also interesting to think about how a person is shaped - with character and who you are being brought out in these memory islands which are powered by the core memories, and how quickly everything can fall away with just one major outside event.

I think of how that relates to my life; I was this happy funny kid up until starting school, and then by the end of primary school was probably somewhat uninteresting, just playing computer games and being really shy

What caused the change? A combination of starting school and Dad getting sick both in the same year, 1999 I believe did affect me. Some memory islands died, and some core memories were sad ones.

But even if the memory islands collapse into the abyss, things fall apart and sadness takes hold... still joy will come in the morning.

There is still hope. New islands can form and past ones can reform, sadness and love from those around us will be necessary ingredients to this.

So this mind - this incredibly wired, compact, ever-changing thing that enables all of us to experience this life as only those made in God's image can - let it drive you to marvel on the brilliance of the Creator God who made you and your mind.  If your mind is broken, if it contains envy, anger, and is full of rebellion towards God - accept Jesus' offer. His sacrifice can take away our guilt, and because of His resurrection He can give us new life, a new heart with new desires and a new mind. Let Him renew your mind. (Romans 12)

And remember for us who believe... we have the mind of Christ! (I Corinthians 2)

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